ISO45001:2018 Management of Health & Safety

What is ISO45001:2018?

ISO45001:2018 is the internationally recognised standard for the management of health and safety in the work place. It is designed to provide structured, formal procedures for managing your companies health and safety responsibilities and help reduce the risks associated with health and safety at work.
Demonstrating rigorous health and safety performance towards employees, shareholders and clients is of increasing concern to organisations of all types. Stringent legislation and developing economic and social policies have also resulted in an increasing requirement to demonstrate compliance. ISO45001:2018 employs a framework to enable a thorough assessment of the risks involved in order to address the protection of employees and the general public. Adopting this standard is a recognised way of showing that health and safety is a priority within your business. It is fast becoming a necessity for any successful organisation and is often a pre- requisite for companies wishing to tender for contracts within certain industry sectors.
There are significant benefits in achieving ISO45001:2018 registration including:

  • Demonstrating that your company is operating with due diligence, good governance and is committed to health and safety in the work place
  • Broadens your business opportunities.
  • Provides potential clients assurance of you effective management procedures and regulatory compliance.
  • Promotes a safer working environment by heightening adherence to you health and safety policies.
  • Looks after your most valuable assets – Your employees.


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